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wasted ravers...
 boogie on down, only if you have audio
get your weekly postings of prostitution arrest photos
look! pictures and story
of the longest human tongue! view the tongue
 visit the butt page to see actual x-rays of "how did that get in there?"
galileo's finger preserved in a bowl in a museum in florence, italy!
bizarre cartoons at derfcity
basically some gay guy in the shower with as many chics as he can persuade, visit the shower project
celebrities busted at the smoking gun. some adult material here, but if there was ever a sight qualified to make this page, it is planetrapido! a brand new site full of ranting & ravings.
a perfect addition to this page! dig underwear? edible underwear? how about a whipped cream bikini? want to find out how to keep an internet geek in suspense? click here. can't find dead uncle rodger, or just looking to locate the burial ground of your favorite deceased rock god? try find a grave!    answer... amiuglyorwhat?
 of course its weird new jersey
these dumb laws are real


testicle implants for neutered pets? Personally if you are that fixated on your pets balls, you have a serious problem,  you freakin' pervert!

 crazy little pastime gaining global attention - jump on hotel beds!

oh man is this crazy. to maximize the adventure, view this site alone, late at night and with your volume turned up!! click around for clues till you make it thru...

going to prison soon? type in your name and this little site will automatically give your your prison name!

have ashes of your ex or loved one made into a diamond... display grandma on your ring!!

the heart. your guess is as good as mine...

Morbidly hilarious, mortuary novelties, embalming,
autopsy & shockumentary videos

the name says it all...

i love the internet. enter a request in the window below the video screen- and this hot bartender will do almost anything for you. (try cartwheel!)

(because there is nothing more bizarre than him)
escape from neverland! - click here -
the many faces of michael - click here!.

interesting site... details crimes committed using myspace.com

these guys just wont stop!! check out the
rudest shirts at this new site - t-shirt hell!!

interesting site... details crimes committed using myspace.com

real side-show attractions - click here
sescarny sideshow - click here

the kamikaze freakshow - click here
coney island sideshow - click here
phreeque - oddities - click here

ever wonder how much money you could for yourself human market? take this test and find out!

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