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checkout worstcase scenarios take a virtual tour of real shrunken heads -  this site is not that gruesome - just fascinating! 

sick of living?
and if your genitalia isn't disturbing enough, try these photos of
*disturbing genitalia

 just when you thought life couldn't get more disgusting:*steak and cheese
 if you haven't heard of this classic, this must be your first time online!:*rotten dot com
 real photo! - galileo's finger preserved in a bowl in a museum in florence, italy! galileo'sfinger!!  

nothing sick here.


girls and corpses... we never thought they would go together until we visited this sik site!

very interesting. want to perform your own autopsy? click above...

 love to fly? so do we....


killer news, crimes, serial killers, assassins,
terrorists, etc. its all update right here.

they show you photos, you have to decide, is he a serial killer or a genius programming language inventor?

great site!!
use a bloody finger to write and send a message to your friends!!

check out their new look - sicker than ever. warning: graphic material here. if you want the sickest pictures on the net, check out this site!

its about time. some dude invented pills
 to eliminate any odor from your fecal matter! these should be sold everywhere and injected into everything we eat.

your resource for obscure,
forgotten horror cinema films.. excellent reviews on the morbid DVD and VHS and more!

morbidly hilarious, mortuary novelties, embalming, autopsy and shockumentary videos, collectibles & more.

search for sex offenders in your neighborhood.
a few clicks will take you to your state, enter your zip, and it will identify the sex offenders living right in your town...

got a killer gash, puncture or putrid wound? send in your photo!

explore the minds of serial killers, investigate conspiracy theories and journey into the unexplained hauntings documented on this site

little midgets - tons of gory videos, pictures, and more! gotta love these little guys!

we just wouldn't be siklink if we didnt have a link to this site. hold your lunch.

19th century postmortem photos.


because its your duty to do so. spread
us like a disease....

information about serial killers, disasters, and everything else morbid...

click "launch" - it's fun..

who is molesting that statue?

the actual casework and studies on the infamous serial killer that got away.....

want some bones for your collection? we found your site. animals, humans and more. a must see. click on the skull above
punch in your vital statistics for an estimated date when you will die! your time is ticking away....

Bizarre Celebrity Deaths!
well, if you have to go, you might as well....

the name says it like it is.
What else is the internet for?

you have been warned... 


because its your duty to do so. spread
us like a disease....


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